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Dicing/Bonding tools available

  • Wafer Bonding: Wafer bonding for 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm substrates. Able to perform Anodic Bonding (AB), Silicon Fusion Bonding (SFB); Adhesive Bonding (ADB); Thermal Compression Bonding (TCB). Bond force up to 90 kN; Pressure accuracy:0.1 to 10 mbar ±1.5%; 10 to 1000 mbar ±1.0%; 1 to 3 bar ±50 mbar; 10-600ºC (temperature uniformity ±1%)
  • Flip-Chip Bonders:Flip Chip bonding of Focal Plane Arrays, multichip modules etc.; Universal bonding arm, force: 0,03 kg - 100 kg; Chuck & arm temperature: RT- 450 °C; Chuck & Arm tool size: 50x50 m; Chuck travel resolution: 1 µm; Bonding accuracy (ideal conditions): +/-3 µm
  • Wafer Dicers: Dicing of Si, GaAs, SiC, glass and other semiconductor wafers
  • Fully automatic, high speed, precision dicing; Single spindle, output 1 KW, max 60 000 rpm; Max. blade size 61 mm diameter; Non-contact setup system; Up to 150mm wafer size (200 mm available after reconfiguration)
  • Wire Bonders: Manual Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonder: Bonding of Au or Al-wire to/from chips from/to different carriers; Two-Way convertibility, 45° wire feed, or 90° wire and ribbon feed; Pure vertical Z-movement and adjustable height platform; buffers for bond settings;
  • Ultra-Sonic Wire Bonders:Ultrasonic wire bonding to semiconductor or hybrid devices and their package terminals;Wire Size Range: 3 to 25 mils (75 to 625 µm) Aluminium, Gold; Stepback range: 0 to 0.3 inch (0 to 7.62 mm); ultrasonic bonding of 4 to 20 mil (100 to 500 µm in dia.) Al and Au wies; 3 mil and 25 mil wire and various types of ribbon can be handled; allows bonding to contacts with minimum size 100 µm x 180 µm.
  • Ball Wire Bonder: Bonding of Au wire (17.5 - 50 µm) to/from chips from/to different carriers. Wire guide 90° wire feed; Stepper motor driven Y and Z axes; Y axis: 50 mm, Z axis: 50 mm; 2.5 µm / 1.25 µm resolution; Standard work height 136 mm (mid Z stroke); X/Y manipulator from 5x5 mm to 18x18 mm; Heated work holder with integrated digital temperature control up to 360°C;
  • Scribing And Cleaving: Scribing and cleaving of different materials
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