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Pattern transfer/etching

Pattern transfer/etching tools available

  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Minimum deposited line width (Ion beam, Pt): 50 nm achievable. Minimum deposited line width (Electron beam, Pt): 20 nm achievable. Minimum etched line width (Si): <15 nm achievable. Maximum hole aspect ratio (Si, 500 nm hole radius): 10:1
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etcher (ICP-RIE) Dry etching of Si or compound semiconductors. ICP/RF excited plasma; Gases: SiCl4, Cl2, H2, CH4, SF6, Ar, O2; Single wafer etch-system with load-lock. Maximum wafer size: 150 mm
  • Plasma Etcher / Oxygen Plasm: Dry etching of photoresist film in oxygen plasma. Process pressure: 1 mTorr; Maximum load 2 boats (about 50 wafers)
  • Plasma Asher: Photoresist stripping, substrate surface cleaning. Gases: N2, O2; Dry pump; Process pressure range: 0,2 – 2,0 mbar.
  • Ion Beam Etcher: Milling/Ribe/Caibe: Base pressure ~5.5E-08 Torr; Automatic loadlock; 200 mm platen with variable rotation speed (max 20 rpm); Tiltable substrate holder; He wafer backside cooling; Platen heating up to 250°C and cooling down to 10°C; Gases : Ar, CF4, O2, CHF3, N2, H2, CH4, Cl2, BCl3 and SiCl4 lines; End point detection: SIMS probe with valve and Optical emission spectroscopy
  • Reactive Ion Etcher: Etching of thin films such as Si3N4 and SiO2; Gases: NF3, O2, Ar, CF4, CHF3, CH4; processing of 150 mm, 100 mm and 50 mm wafers; Chamber process pressure: 0-1 Torr; RF: 13,56 MHZ; Plasma Power Range: 0 – 500 W; Loadlock.
  • Multi-Chamber Etcher: 8" wafers; Chamber A for deep trench Si etch; Chamber B for oxide/nitride etch.
  • ICP-RIE:General purpose: Deep Reactive Ion Etching of silicon, silicon carbide, and silicon oxide
  • Single-wafer tool with load-lock; Gases: CH4, C3F8, C4F8, SF6, CHF3, Ar, O2; Process pressure range: 10-95mTorr; Plasma power max, coil: 1200W, platen: 350W
  • ICP-RIE: General purpose: Deep Reactive Ion Etching of silicon oxide and silicon; Single wafer tool with carousel (2 wafers) loadlock for 100 and 200 mm wafers; Process pressure range: 10-95 mTorr; Plasma power max, coil: 13.56 MHz, 3 kW, platen: 13.56 MHz, 1 Kw; Gases: CF4, C4F8, CHF3, SF6, H2, He, O2, N2, Ar.
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