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Thin-film deposition

Thin-film deposition tools and techniques available

  • Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) Si3N4; Gases: N2, NH3, SiH2Cl2
  • LPCVD polysilicon; gases: N2, SiH4
  • LPCVD Low temperature oxide and In situ phosphorus-doped amorphous silicon
    Gases: N2, O2, SiH4, Si2H6, PH3/SiH4
  • Magnetron Sputter System: Deposition of metal, metal alloys, semiconductors and dielectric films by sputtering; Deposition of nitrides by reactive sputtering with N2, e.g. TiN and Si3N4; use of three different sputter heads; Sputter gases: Ar and N2; TARGETS: Al, Al(0.5% Cu, 1% Si), Co, MoSi, Si, SiO2, Ti, TiW (15/85), TiW (30/70), W.
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD): Deposition of silicon oxide, silicon nitride and amorphous silicon; Parallel plate RF excited plasma. Gases: SiH4, N2O, N2, NH3, CF4, B2H6, GeH4, PH3, Ar, O2, He; Single wafer deposition-system with loadlock (maximum 150 mm wafer)
  • Thermal Evaporator: deposition of Indium; Wafer holders for 3", 4" and 6"
  • Thermal Evaporator: deposition of AuGe, Au, Ni, Ir, Pd, Pt, Ti, Cr, Ge, Ag, Mo, W, Al, Pd, Sn; Wafer holder for multi-substrates up to 6'' size; Possibility to deposit up to 6 different metals during one run.
  • Sputter System For Metalization: Standard processes for deposition of NiCr, TiW and Au; RF excited Ar plasma; Wafer holder for single substrates up to 3" size.
  • Ion Beam Sputtering: Deposition of metals, metal alloys, semiconductors and dielectric films by sputter ing
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD): Atomic Layer Deposition of metals and dielectrics; Process chambers for thermal and plasma ALD; 4 Liquid source positions; 2 Hot source (Tmax=300C) positions; gases: N2, NH3, O2, O3; Liquid precursors : Trimethylaluminum (TMA), Al2(CH3)6, Titaniumtetrachloride (TCl4); Water (H2O); Hot source precursors: Tetrakis(dimethylamino)Silane (4DMAS), Si[N(CH3)2]4; Bis(methylcyclopentadienyl)methoxymethylhafnium (HfD04), Hf[C5H4(CH3)]2(OCH3)CH3; Trimethyl(methylcyclopentadienyl)Platinum (PtSA03).
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