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We offer our expertise, know-how and resources in nanophotonics for energy efficiency to any external company or institution interested in developing common projects or looking for services to solve specific problems. The central contact point is the Management Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  which, after discussing your needs will direct you to the appropriate partner(s) or suggest a course of action.

The N4E Network involves more than 130 researchers from 9 institutions in Europe. The different groups are targeted to excellence in research and also to interaction and dissemination to the industry from a global point of view.

The Network includes a broad range of facilities, techniques and know-how that can be made available to external parties. They include:

Clean room


Large scale infrastructures

Clean Room

  • Clean rooms with complete dedicated process lines for Si, InP, GaAs, III-Nitrides, and ZnO based devices
  • Organic and hybrid semiconductor process lines, including evaporators, glove boxes, spinners, ozone cleaners, etc. Chemical laboratories for synthesis and assembly of nanostructures
  • Computer clusters for modelling and simulation

 Nano and micro-fabrication process and manufacturing facilities


Characterisation and analysis facilities and techniques
Characterisation tools

Modelling and simulation toolsQuantum dots

  • Electromagnetic simulation: photonic structures like plasmonics, nanowires, gratings, etc.
  • 2D and 3D FDTD
  • Optical design of nanostructures, e.g. for light capture or extraction: FDTD, RCWA, BEM, FEM
  • Light scattering in complex structures 


 All 9 Institutions are within the main actors in research in Europe and most of them have specific offices for managing IP and knowledge and technology transfer. 

If you are interested in a detailed knowledge of the technological offer of the different institutions and wish to talk to any partner directly you may contact:

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