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CSSL workshop on LED based lighting systems · September 28th 2012

This workshop focuses on the dissemination of knowledge generated in CSSL project to industry and academic institutions.

The workshop format is organised into plenary talks about the hottest issues in LED lamp design, covering all related fields associated with this technology: LED manufacturing, packaging, driver design, dimmering and design for reliability of these systems.

In addition, all demonstrators produced during CSSL execution are going to be presented during coffee breaks, to show the research and development achievements. User perception and field tests have been carried out to verify and optimise their architecture, which can be discussed among the attendees.

Green Photonics Paper published

The results of a study on "Photonics Technologies and Markets for a Low Carbon Economy" have just been published (you can download the document here). The study assesses the European potential in five green photonic technologies: Photovoltaics, Lighting and Displays, Communications, Sensors and instrumentation and Clean Manufacturing.

The document highlights photovoltaics and energy efficient lighting as two of the most promising alternatives to improve energy efficiency and European competitiveness. In particular:

  • Photovoltaics is expected to make a major contribution to the 2020 renewable energy generation target - ptentially 12% of EU energy requirements may be satisfied by photovoltaics compared to a global figure of 0.2% in 2010.
  • The use of energy efficient lighting and communications can achieve an estimated 40% energy saving compared to using current technologies

Researchers’ Exchange Programme

The Nanophotonics for Energy Efficiency Young Researcher’s Exchange Programme main objective is to foster collaboration between institutions working on Nanophotonics for Energy Efficiency. It provides funds for travel, accommodation and subsistence to cover the expenses of young researchers (PhD students and postdoctoral researchers) visiting another company or research group in order to carry out collaborative work or to explore new possible collaborations.


Flexible 69cm2 30lm/Watt OLED lighting tiles

Solvay, Holst Centre and several other partners demonstrate flexible 69cm2 30lm/Watt OLED lighting tiles

This achievement clearly demonstrates the potential for high efficacy OLEDs on flexible plastic foils, opening ways to a production of low-cost OLED lighting tiles

Solvay and Holst Centre have demonstrated high efficiency flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) lighting tiles with a surface area of 69cm2. These large-area demonstrators contain several layers deposited by solution processing at Holst Centre and additional layers applied by conventional vacuum deposition at Solvay.

Large area flexible OLED


Konarka announces organic photovoltaic devices certified at 9% power conversion efficiency

Konarka announces organic photovoltaic devices certified at 9% power conversion efficiency

OPV device performance achieved using patented single-junction efficiency inverted cell architecture

Konarka Technologies Inc. has announced that Newport Corp. has certified Konarka’s next generation organic solar cells as demonstrating 9% single-junction efficiency. These recent advances continue to be based upon Konarka’s inverted cell architecture, the company’s intellectual property protected under issued patents.


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