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Paper from the N4E Network selected as "Best of Advanced Optical Materials"

The paper "Thermoresponsive Shape-Memory Photonic Nanostructures" by ICMM-CSIC has been selected as one of the most outstanding papers published in Advanced Optical Materials in 2014. You can find the "Best of Advanced Optical Materials" selection here http://www.materialsviews.com/best-of-advanced-optical-materials/, and access the full text of the paper here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/adom.201300532/full

Bilkent featured in Spring 2013 issue of European Energy Innovation

Bilkent University was featured in the Spring 2013 issue of European Energy Innovation (pages 24-25). You can also download the document here: icon Bilkent on European Energy Innovation-Spring 2013

ICFO in CosmoCaixa

ICFO participated in Cosmocaixa's (the main Science Museum in Catalonia) conference series "Technology: the permanent revolution", communicationg communicate some key insights about the major program thrusts of ICFO’s research, including “Light for Energy” http://www.icfo.eu/newsroom/news2.php?id_news=1824&subsection=1

Hacettepe NanoBulten

Bilkent University's work in the Network highlighted in Hacettepe NanoBulten Bulletin (in Turkish). See pages 42-53)


Interview to Dr. Cefe López (ICMM-CSIC)

Interview (in Spanish) to Dr. Cefe López (ICMM-CSIC) in “El Mundo”, one of the top national Newspapers in Spain


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