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ICFO · NanoOptoelectronics

Tailoring the interactions between electrons, photons and quantum emitters is at the heart of various applications such as quantum information processing, optical sensing and imaging, and nanoscale optical circuits. Our goal is to integrate semiconductor nano-optoelectronic devices with plasmonic structures and novel quantum emitters (quantum dots, NV centers in diamond). These versatile systems facilitate the electrical generation and detection of single surface plasmons, and enable tunable and strong coupling with quantum emitters and spin systems. This will reveal new exciting physical phenomena such as the quantum properties of single spins, photons and plasmons. Additionally, we will investigate the plasmonic properties of graphene, a novel material with extraodinary electronic and optical properties.

Partner: ICFO

Group Leader: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Available Resources

Confocal microscope integrated with nanoscale electrical detection offering the capabilities to detect non-local emission (in visible and infrared) and plasmon propagation as well as ultra-fast low-noise electronic signal will be used to study energy transfer, and plasmon propagation and manipulation in nanoscale opto-electronic devices. microscope

Graphene device fabrication

Key Personnel

Prof. Frank Koppens

Website: www.icfo.eu


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