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ICFO · Organic Nanostructured Photovoltaics

Nano- or micro-structuring materials is essential for the manipulation of light-matter interaction. In the organic nanostructured photovoltaics group we imprint such structuring on different types of materials to enhance the performance of organic photovoltaic cells. Some of the several kinds of configurations we study are: one-dimensional photonic crystals to increase the efficiency of organic solar cells, nano-thick stacking of several material layers to obtain efficient transparent solar cells, and organic molecules adjacent to metal nano-structures to control the energy transfer mechanism.

Partner: ICFO

Group Leader: Prof. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Available Resources

Chemical Laboratory

Organic Evaporator

Solar Simulator

Key Personnel

Prof. Jordi Martorell (JM) received a PhD in Physics from Brown University (USA). Since then JM has been engaged in the study of light-matter interaction within several kinds of micro and nanostructures. Among other contributions to the field, JM and his co-workers pioneered the study of the spontaneous emission control in photonic crystals, and reported the first experimental demonstration of inhibited spontaneous emission using 3-D photonic structures such as colloidal crystals. In 1998, JM became an associate professor at the UPC where he laid the groundwork for the study of the nonlinear interaction within ordered nano-structures. Among several key contributions made, stand out the first experimental demonstration of phase matched second harmonic generation in centrosymmetric materials and the first experimental demonstration of an enhanced quadratic nonlinear interaction at defect modes of photonic structures. More recently, JM extended the study of the nonlinear interaction to materials that exhibit a random distribution of the nonlinear domains. In 2005, JM was appointed a group leader at ICFO, where he launched, two years ago, a new program to investigate the effect of nano-structuring in organic photovoltaic materials. One of the main goals of the program is to use the photon control provided by the photonic structure to enhance the efficiency of organic solar cells. Among others, concepts that are being considered involve the photonic control of fluorescence in high quantum yield photovoltaic materials to enhance the energy conversion efficiency.

Website: www.icfo.eu

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